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They also address problems that can cause a vehicle to be out of compliance with U. Any recall work your vehicle needs should be completed at a Volkswagen dealer as soon as possible. Please contact your Volkswagen dealer for further information. To schedule an appointment, click here. If you received a recall letter concerning your vehicle, you need to schedule an appointment with a Volkswagen dealer to have the recall work performed. However, there are times when you will have to pay for vehicle repairs before your dealer can do the recall work.

For example:. Please contact your Volksagen dealer as soon as possible. They will help you make arrangements to get your vehicle to the dealership and perform a diagnosis to determine what the problem is. However, if the diagnosis shows that the problem is not related to the recall, Volkswagen will cover only the diagnosis for FREE; your dealer will let you know what repairs will be needed, and what your cost will be to have the work done. Because of this, cars similar to yours may be recalled, but your car is not affected.

Checking with your Volkswagen dealer, or using the VIN lookup tool on vw. If you have incurred out-of-pocket expenses directly related to a campaign repair and would like to request reimbursement, information on what Volkswagen needs to review your request is included in the recall letter you received.

Water Pump Failure

Documents will not be returned. A description of the problem and what repair was done, and the name, address and phone number of the repair facility that performed the work. Proof of payment for the repair and date payment was made cancelled check, bank statement, etc.

If your claim is approved, you will receive a check from Volkswagen. Reimbursement may be limited to the amount the repair would cost if it had been completed by an authorized Volkswagen dealer. Volkswagen will send you another letter via first-class mail when the recall repair is available for your vehicle. Until then, if you have any questions or vehicle concerns, please contact your local Volkswagen dealer or click here to Contact Us.

Automakers are required by Federal law to notify owners within 60 days of notifying the government NHTSA about a new recall. Because it takes time to develop, test, manufacture and ship repair parts to dealers, it's not possible for dealers to begin performing recall repairs within that day timeframe.

It's important for owners to be aware of recalls affecting their vehicles, whether or not a repair is available. For additional information on this airbag recall, please reach out to us by visiting vw.

A recalled Takata airbag may explode in a crash with airbag deployment. Sharp metal fragments can hit people and cause serious injury or death. There is no way to detect if your car might have an airbag inflator potentially at risk of rupturing upon deployment in a crash.A class action settlement, known as Coffeng, et al.

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. The Settlement resolves a lawsuit related to the primary engine water pump in certain Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, listed below, purchased or leased in the United States and Puerto Rico. The court will hold a hearing on March 26, to determine whether to grant final approval of the Settlement.

This website contains information about the lawsuit, the Settlement, its terms and available benefits, your legal rights, important dates and deadlines including deadlines and procedures for submitting a claim for reimbursement and filing any objections to or requests for exclusion from the Settlement, frequently asked questions, pertinent documents including the Settlement Agreement, the Class Notices, Claim Forms, certain motions and orders relating to the Settlement, and other important information.

The Settlement Class Vehicles are certain of the following model and model year Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, equipped with a 2. You can access the VIN lookup database by clicking below to see if your vehicle is included in the Settlement:. To check if your VIN is covered by the Settlement click here. The Final Approval Order has been approved and signed. You can view the full document here. Submit a Claim Form with Supporting Documentation To receive a reimbursement of certain previously paid out-of-pocket repair expenses under the Settlement.

All Claims must be submitted either by first class mail postmarked by April 30,or online through this website by April 30, Further details on how, what is required for, and to whom the Claim Form and Supporting Documentation must be submitted, are contained in the Class Notice and the Frequently Asked Questions FAQswhich you can access on this website. Exclude Yourself If you do not want to be part of the Settlement Class. You will not receive any of the benefits from this Settlement, and will keep your right to start or remain in any other lawsuit relating to the primary engine water pump in your vehicle.

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If you wish to exclude yourself from the Settlement, you must submit a request for exclusion either by first class mail postmarked by February 14,or through this website by February 14, A link to exclude yourself online and further details on how, what is required for, and to whom a request for exclusion must be submitted, are contained in the Class Notice and the FAQswhich you can access on this website.

If you wish to object to the Settlement, you must file your objection with the Court by February 14, Further details on what is required for you to object to the Settlement and how to file your objection with the Court are contained in the Class Notice and the FAQswhich you can access on this website. The Court will review the Settlement on May 14,at p.

If you would like to attend you must submit your request by February 14, Do Nothing If your vehicle is included, you will be staying in the Settlement Class, and will have the right to obtain the benefits of the Settlement including any reimbursement for previously paid out-of-pocket repair expenses, pursuant to the terms, if you submit a timely and qualifying claim. You will be bound by the release of claims and any orders and judgments relating to the Settlement, and will not be able to start or remain part of any lawsuit pertaining to the primary engine water pump in your vehicle.

Submit a Claim Form with Supporting Documentation. To receive a reimbursement of certain previously paid out-of-pocket repair expenses under the Settlement.

If you do not want to be part of the Settlement Class.

vw tiguan water pump recall

Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlement. If your vehicle is included, you will be staying in the Settlement Class, and will have the right to obtain the benefits of the Settlement including any reimbursement for previously paid out-of-pocket repair expenses, pursuant to the terms, if you submit a timely and qualifying claim.More stars mean safer cars.

Learn about crash test ratings. Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

The Side Barrier test simulates an intersection collision between a standing vehicle and moving barrier at The Side Pole Barrier test simulates a crash into a fixed object like a tree or utility pole. The Rollover Resistance test measures the risk of rollover in a single-vehicle, loss-of-control scenario. Learn about safety technology.

This is a record of safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim. The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected.

Learn about our recall process. Report a problem with your vehicle, tires, car seats or other equipment. We review every problem as we work to keep our roads safe. Report a safety problem. Every vehicle has a unique VIN. Enter a VIN to learn if a specific vehicle needs to be repaired as part of a recall. Recall information from this VIN lookup tool is provided by the manufacturer conducting the recall.

Skip to main content. United States Department of Transportation. Report a Problem. Toggle navigation Homepage. Look up another vehicle Vehicle Comparison Tool.

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Compare safety information. Search Vehicles Vehicle Comparison Tool. Safety Ratings. Learn about crash test ratings Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating.The name Tiguan means half tiger and half iguana, as Volkswagen puts it. The Tiguan comes as a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The most common Tiguan S comes with 16" wheels. The SE adds power driver's seat, roof rails and larger 17" or 18" rims.

The R-line trim level was added for Forthe R-line was replaced by Wolfsburg trim. Inside, the upright-shaped Tiguan offers great all-around visibility and upscale feel.

Front seats are sporty and supportive. The front passenger seat folds down to accommodate longer cargo items. Volkswagen Tiguan The split rear seats slide and recline.

The Bluetooth is available in early models; standard in all trims from Is the Tiguan reliable? What are the problems Tiguan owners report? Volkswagen Tiguan problems: In early models, a bad timing chain tensioner can cause a rattling noise when the engine is started and the Check Engine light. In some cases, the engine may even get damaged if a timing chain skips. Problems with the crankcase ventilation system, breather PCV valve are common.

Advertisement - Continue reading below As in many cars with direct injection, the carbon buildup on intake valves can cause misfiring and Check Engine light issues. See what it looks like in this VW forum thread. Some suggest cleaning the intake valves with a special valve cleaner that comes in a spray can, which is a lot cheaper, but opinions are mixed. There are plenty of YouTube videos on both ways. Problems with the intake manifold runner control valve are also common. Read more at this forum.No more plastic water pumps, no more water pump leaks.

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Replace your water pump once and for all! That factory plastic pump is no match for our cast aluminum, patent-pending replacement. Let this be the last water pump replacement you do. This crack leads to major leaks and immediate overheating problems. No cracking, no leaks! We've also replaced the metal impeller that comes in the already plastic pump, with a metal impeller that is sure to last well beyond the life of your vehicle.

The factory plastic impeller deforms with heat and detaches from the metal rod it is attached to. This causes the impeller to stop spinning and engine to overheat.

vw tiguan water pump recall

Our upgraded metal impeller eliminates that issue. Get the job done right! Click below for a complete Water Pump Kit and Hardware:. Order information required to submit a warranty claim. Product description. Product video. Customer feedback. This is not a kit! When I ordered this supposed kit. Very disappointed. You guys should not label this as a kit!!

Advantages: Not Plastic. Was the above review useful to you? Add your own review. Select Your Vehicle. Read Full Description. Free shipping. Add To Cart.

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Recommended by the experts! Ask a Question. Add to wish list. Full description. Cars This Fits Recently Viewed. Customers also bought.This is the second water pump I've put in my Tiguan.

This one only lasted 11 months, just enough to be out of warranty! This car eats water pumps!! This is the forth water pump failure for this vehicle within 28, miles. Like clock work after approx.

The shop I had used was great in standing up to the repairs and was willing to replace again So we were well equipped with a gallon of antifreeze and after three stops and four refills, our Tiguan issues were solved and we traded it on a brand new JEEP. Absolute shame this car had so many quality issues. When it drove, it was a nice ride, but overall costs way too much to keep it on the road.

Recall / Service Campaign Lookup

Car stalled while driving. Replaced the battery, got it home. Power steering went out, water pump needs replaced towed it to Volkswagen dealer to see if they could reset any of the modules for the battery, nope! Water pump repaired in March of and again Nov of Here we are again May of after 6 months and approximately another 7, miles, and the water pump has failed again.

Water Pump Recall MK6 GTI ~ Podcast Episode 88

Called VW demanding they assist with getting the car to the shop and a loaner vehicle, but their 'Advocate' only gives you reasons they refuse to help. Pumps are cheap pieces of plastic that they continue to throw at these vehicles with 2.

vw tiguan water pump recall

Not very safe when my daughter can't keep it on the road and obviously not very reliable. Will never step foot on another VW dealers lot. Woke up to a pool of coolant under my car. No warning, no lights on dash or MFD.

vw tiguan water pump recall

Called VW, towed it in, water pump. The second water pump replaced in 15, kms. I own a VW Tiguan and the water pump has been replaced 5 times, its the worst car I have ever owned.

I thought about trading it in for a new VW but I don't trust those vehicles anymore. Low coolant level warning led to the discovery of a failed water pump. Based on this site, it appears to be a common problem with this model.If your vehicle has a history of irregular oil changes, extreme climates, or low RPM driving, condensation and moisture can form in the engine and cause sludge to build up, creating the possibility of a leak.

In addition, the crankcase breather system can also become clogged, preventing the engine from ventilating properly and causing a buildup of pressure. Oil then leaks from the weakest parts of the system. Other parts that are often leak culprits are the valve cover gaskets, camshaft seals and plugs, front and rear crankshaft seals, and cam chain tensioner gasket and seals, and O-ring. If you see oil covering the filter and cooler, the O-ring is likely the problem. If coolant from your VW is leaking from the water pump, the internal bearing and seals are most likely weak, and there will be a trail of coolant from the pump region down towards the engine.

If there is steam blowing from the engine, the coolant leak is likely originating from the coolant flange.

If coolant is visible under the vehicle, the radiator is the most probable culprit. Coolant hoses also often cause coolant leaks, since they can be damaged by oil leaks and age. It is best to address a coolant issue as soon as you can to avoid engine overheating.

2011 VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN Recalls (4)

If there is smoke coming from your vehicle's exhaust, there is likely a coolant leak. In this case, the likely culprit is a faulty head gasket, warped cylinder head or cracked engine block, especially if you notice a burning oil smell while driving. Another way to tell if there is a coolant leak is to check your oil for a frothy, milky appearance, or for internal leaks, a sweet odor and low coolant reservoir levels.

All of these parts should be replaced at the same time. If your timing belt needs replacing, the camshaft and crankshaft sensors will detect an error, and the check engine light will come on.

The timing belt may be showing signs of wear, but has not yet snapped, if you hear slapping or scraping noises coming from the engine. Since the VW cooling system only hold a small amount of coolant, it is important to have your vehicle repaired shortly after it shows signs of overheating.

Generally, coolant parts should be replaced every 60, miles to avoid issues. If your vehicle does overheat, their are a few different possibilities for the cause of the problem:. A failing coolant reservoir or radiator can result in pressure issues that prevent coolant from reaching the engine, which then overheats. The engine fan may need a repair or replacement so that air continues to flow properly through the radiator and prevent the vehicle from overheating at low speeds.

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